It was a long and hard day at work for Trina Robinson. Patrick Cudahy Meat Packing Company was where she worked and sometimes dreaded. Business started to pick up because of the holidays and overtime was starting to become mandatory. Trina hated working overtime mainly because it was hard for her to find a babysitter on such short notice. A’bout 3 hours into her shift, Trina got word from her boss that it was her turn to stay after for overtime, which pissed her off.

Trina called home to her kids while she was on her lunch break and told them she would be making it home late, and not to answer the door for any strangers. Trina was the essence of pure beauty. She stood five foot seven, had long silky black hair that hung down to her shoulders, a body shaped like the number 8, pearly white teeth, smooth caramel complexion skin, and full rose-colored lips. Trina rarely wore make up and she hated to see women with it caked on their face; to her it made them look like whores.

Trina didn’t own a car so she had to catch the city bus to work everyday, unless she was fortunate enough to catch a ride from one of her co-workers. Trina was constantly harassed on the daily by the local pimps, players, drug dealers, and even married men on her way to the bus stop. Trina payed them no mind, she knew none of them were genuine in heart and were only out to fuck her. Occasionally her manager would make derogatory remarks towards her, but she would ignore him.

Trina thought a’bout filing a sexual harassment complaint but feared she would lose her job and get kicked out on the streets by her money hungry landlord. So she sucked it in and prayed she would be able to find another job. Trina was on her way to the cafeteria when she noticed there weren’t many employees present in the plant. Instantly Trina became suspicious, “Where the hell is errbody at? I know I’m not the only one that was scheduled for some damn overtime, this some straight bullshit.”

Mr. Fergerson was watching Trina on the company surveillance camera. Tonight he felt he was finally going to get lucky with her, if everything went as planned he was going to give Trina a raise. Trina was digging through the refrigerator searching for her bag lunch, when she found it she took a seat in front of the vending machines. As soon as she started pulling out the contents inside her brown paper bag, Mr. Fergerson called her name over the intercom. “Trina Robinson can you please report to my office pronto?

Trina shook her head, “What the hell can he possibly want? I just sat down damn, I swear these white folks get on my fuckin nerves.” Trina took a bite of her sandwich then placed the rest of her lunch back inside the refrigerator. On her way to Mr. Fergerson’s office, Trina entertained the thought of cussing him out but knew the repercussions would be drastic.

Trina put on a fake smile as she knocked on her boss’ door.“Ms. Robinson, please come in, take a seat, you’ve had a long day. I know your feet probably hurt.”  “ Thanks Mr. Ferguson,” Trina stated with a buoyant smile as she sat down. “Trina you know I’ve kept you over because I knew you could use the extra money.” “Thank you Mr. Ferguson, I sure needed it especially with my boys into sports now,” Trina responded. “Care for something to drink?” Mr. Ferguson asked as he poured himself a shot of J & B Scotch, “Mr. Ferguson, I would love to but I have my boys at home by themselves, and if I stay any longer I’ll miss the last bus.” “Oh don’t worry ‘bout catching the bus, I’ll take you home.”

Trina became uneasy, she quickly changed the subject. “What is it you want to talk to me a’bout that we can’t talk about right hurr, Mr. Ferguson?” Mr. Fergerson leaned back in his leather chair, rubbed the stubles on his chin, then grinned. “Look, I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot, why don’t I make it up to you over a delectable dinner?” Trina rubbed the back of her neck as she stared down at the floor. “I don’t think that would be a good idea, you’re my boss.”

“Ha Ha, it’ll just be our lil’ secret, nobody will know,” Mr. Ferguson chuckled as he took a swig of the dry Scotch. Trina had a unsettled look on her face as Mr. Ferguson licked his crusty lips lustfully. “I’m sorry Mr. Ferguson, this is a generous offer but I’m afraid if I have dinner with you I’d be sending you mixed signals.”

Mr. Ferguson’s face turned red; he couldn’t believe Trina declined his offer. “After all I’ve done for you, you can’t have one lousy dinner with me? I’m the reason why you still have your job! You’ve been late several times, I could’ve fired your Black ass a long time ago but I thought a’bout you and your kids!

Trina was dismayed. She couldn’t believe Mr. Ferguson disrespected her the way he did, she figured it was best she leave his office. “Mr. Ferguson, I appreciate all you’ve done for me but I have to go.” “Oh, you’re not getting off that easy!” Trina rose from her chair as Mr. Ferguson tried to grab her by the arm. Trina kicked Mr. Ferguson with all her might striking him in his groin. Mr. Ferguson dropped to the floor grimacing in pain.

Trina quickly reached inside her purse and retrieved a small bottle of pepper spray. She viciously released the contents into Mr. Ferguson’s face, and took off running for her life. As Trina exited the plant she saw her bus pulling off and tried her best to catch up to it as she screaming, “STOP!!!!”

Fuck!! Now I gotta walk from the south to the north side, this some pure bullshit!!” Trina complained as she started walking home; she prayed her boys were safe. After walking a few miles, Trina had the feeling she was being followed. Trina stopped and did a quick surveillance of her surroundings; nothing seemed out of the ordinary so she proceeded to walk as the sun began to set.

The night air was calm, the sounds of crickets chirping lingered from afar. Trina thought she heard footsteps so she stopped and looked behind her. “Damn, I’m too paranoid. Ain’t nobody following me, I know it ain’t, if they were I got my can of mace,” Trina stated as she dug into her purse making sure her mace was still there. Trina continued on her long journey home. Suddenly she had to pee but she held it in. After walking for so long, her bladder felt like it was a’bout to burst. Trina turned into a quiet alley so she could find a safe spot to pee.

Once again she thought she heard some footsteps from afar but shrugged it off thinking she was being too paranoid. “I gotta find me a spot to pee, shit!!” Trina cried as she continued down the alley looking for a private spot to pee when she noticed an open garage. Trina sprinted towards the garage and did the deed.

Just as she was a’bout to pull her panties up, she was rushed from behind by a masked man and pinned to the ground against her will. Trina clawed, kicked, and screamed praying somebody would hear her and come to her rescue. Unfortunately her screams fell on deaf ears. The masked attacker quickly duct taped her mouth shut then tore her pants off. He quickly unbuttoned his tan slacks, fondled himself til he was fully erect, then forced himself inside Trina’s tight dry wound.

The pain was so excruciating Trina thought she had to be dreaming as she slowly began to faint. After six good strokes the attacker reached his climax. He stood over Trina with a wicked grin while his pants hung down to his ankles. After regaining her conscience Trina took one look at her attacker and began to hyper ventilate, then passed back out. The attacker lift Trina’s limp body off the ground, flipped her over, then sodomized her.

After he was done Trina’s attacker reached inside his boot, retrieved a HRT tactical knife and began to viciously hack away at Trina’s body. It was grotesque scene as blood gushed out of Trina’s body, everything happened so fast never stood a chance against this sudden attack. Before the rapist fled the scene he removed his black mask so Trina could see his face. He found it amusing watching Trina suffer in such pain and agony. “If I can’t have you nobody will,” Trina’s killer mumbled before making his getaway. Laughter filled the air as he vanished.


Beep…. Beep…. Beep…. was the sound of the life support system as Truth laid in a comatose state. “Damn, can’t believe my nicca laying there hooked up to all these tubes, gosh,” Mileena sobbed. Mileena stood by Truth’s bedside praying and hoping he would show any signs of life. Truth started to hallucinate, images of his mother laying in her own puddle of crimson blood caused his heart rate to accelerate. Truth tried with all his mite to open his eyes but was to no avail.  Mileena instantly panicked as medical staff burst into the room pushing her to the side.

The Doctor immediately performed CPR on Truth, to no avail he didn’t regain consciousness. After grabbing the defibrillator paddles the Doctor yelled out, “Chaarge!” Just before sending a wave of electricity through his body. Then he yelled “Cleear!” After the 3rd blast of electricity Truth started to have an out of body experience.Suddenly he envisioned his mother laying in a pool of crimson blood. “Muh get up,” he cried as he tugged at her lifeless body, but Trina never budged. The Doctor yelled, “Charrrge! Cleeear! Truth body was hit with another wave of electricity, in his subconscious mind Truth shook his mother bloody body, still not getting a response.

He’s not responding!” yelled the Doctor.  “Come on young fella, whatever you did somebody sure wanted you dead, I hate seeing young Black men like this” the Doctor mumbled as he gave Truth’s body another wave of electricity. As Truth body jumped from the blast of electricity he slowly watched his mother soul leave her lifeless body while she waved her last good bye. “NOOOO!! MAMAA A!! PLEASE DON”T GO!!!” He yelled subconsciously as everyone waited on his fate.

“Come on baby, please give us something, I love you, please don’t leave me, I need you I’m pregnant,” Mileena weeped as she buried her face inside her hands.



 Tha Dogg Pound’s song, “Bomb Ass Pussy,” was playing in the background. “Ooh! Oh! Ohhh shit! Daddy beat this pussy up!” Jazzie moaneded as she bit down on her lip. Jazzie lived in the Hillside Terrace. Her apartment wasn’t the biggest, in fact the walls were so thin the neighbors could hear each other taking a shit. The squeaking from Jazzie’s queen size bed sounded like a 1980 box Chevy Caprice with rusty springs.

The smashing of the headboard against the thin walls were so loud it pissed Jazzie neighbor’s off causing them to pound on the walls. Jazzie turned the stereo volume up to the max but it didn’t help none, their moans and grunts were too loud. The sweet scent of Curve perfume and Giorgio Armani cologne lingered through the air as their sweaty bodies slapped against each other in unison.

Jazzie was in her favorite position, doggystyle, as Truth was trying to stuff his snake in her guts. Truth dick was intoxicating to Jazzie, he knew exactly how to hit the right spots. Jazzie felt like she was on top of the world; her heart was beating rapidly as she reached her second climax. As Jazzie eyes rolled into the back of her head, she felt free secure in Truth’s grasp, at that point nothing else mattered to her. Truth thrusts began to get deep and harder as he picked up his pace while staring at Jazzies’s voluptuous ass cheeks bounce like ocean waves.

Jazzie  was the essence of beauty yet street smart . She was 28 years old but could easily pass for 21. She stood five foot seven, was Indian and black with radiant caramel colored skin, full lips that made her look like she was pouting, long wavy hair, and 45-inch hips. She was a goddess and if you stared at her long enough, she would hypnotize any man with her beauty. In her previous profession her sex appeal was a true asset that she sometimes regrets

Jazzie was indeed Truth’s kryptonite and she knew how to keep his mind totally focused on her. “Ewww! What are you doing to me!!” Jazzie moaned as she arched her back. Truth felt like a porn star as he smacked Jazzie’s ass cheeks. “Who pussy is this, bitch!!”Yours Daddy! Itz all yourz!” Jazzie moaned as fluids gushed down her inner thighs. She was in pure bliss as she cried, “I’m ‘bout to cum! I’m‘bout cum!! Oohh shiett!!”

Truth was panting like a dog as Jazzie’s soaking wet juice box sent a tingling sensation through his entire body. Jazzie felt Truth snake throbbing inside of her, she knew he would soon erupt. Jazzie slammed her ass into Truth’s pelvic area aggressively trying to make him cum, when Truth picked up his pace, she stared directly into his eyes, never blinking once.

Jazzie pulled away from Truth’s snake as his body tensed up. “Ahhh! I’m finna cum!!” Truth howled as Jazzie caught every drop of his sweet nectar inside her hot mouth. Truth’s body jerked four times while Jazzie continued to drain him dry, twirling her tongue  around his shaft and balls.

Truth and Jazzie flopped down on top of her messy bed panting heavily from exhaustion. Nothing was left on the bed, Jazzie comforters, pillows, and bedspread were all scattered across the floor. Jazzie lit a cigarette while Truth gazed at the ceiling, enjoying the breeze from the ceiling fan. Jazzie rested her head on Truth’s chest listening to his heart beat as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Nigga you sweated my hair out.” Truth smiled as he gazed at Jazzie, “You wasn’t complaining when I was slanging this dick in ya.” Jazzie punched Truth on the arm as she blushed. “You love me baby?” “What type of question is that? You know I do shawty,” Truth responded sincerely, “I just need to hear it out yo mouth more, sometimes I feel insecure. I know these lil’ bitches be throwing pussy at you when I ain’t around and you starting to get a name out here,”  “I feel where you coming from babay but you ain’t gotta worry ‘bout no bitch taking yo place with yo fine ass,”   Truth stated in his thick southern drawl.

Jazzie face lit up as Truth stroked her ego. “Babay, how much do you love me?” Truth asked as he stared at Jazzie. “A lot baby, you just don’t know what I would do for you,” “Would you steal for me?”  “Of course I would,” “Would you kill for me?”  “If I had to, why you ask that?”  Truth grinned wickedly, “Just wondering, that’s what I wanna hear, I got yo back too shawty.”  “I’m a ride or die bitch, you ain’t figured that out yet, Truth?” “I’m gone put yo’ ass to da test one of these days, I’ll see if you just jackin’.” “I’m one of Hillside’s finest, one thing I wasn’t raised to do was jack, I’m all action I keep tellin yo ass, Truth,” “You need to move from over hurr while you talking slick, Itz too cut throat over  hurr, when you gone move?” Truth stated as he took a look around the small apartment.

“I’ll move once you stop playing and get us a house. It seems like you scared of commitment,” Jazzie shot back. “It’s not that babay, I just had to make sure I could fully trust you cuz bitches nowadays be shiesty. A nigga been done ran up in my shit and cleaned my crib out, then I’ll have to send them shooters threw this bitch,” “We’ve been together for over a year, you should trust me by now,” “I do and I got some big plans for us, you just gotta roll with me and play yo’ part,” “I’m here fo’ you baby, whatever you need me to do I gotcha,” “Okay, just be patient and watch what I tell you, it’s my time to shine, leave the whole world blind.” “There you go with that slick shit,”  “Shut up gurl and go run us some hot bath water, we smell like hella ass in this bitch,” “Whatever nicca, my ass smells like flowers,” Jazzie shot back as she placed her hand on her hip.

As Jazzie walked away, Truth found himself admiring her beauty, “Damn my bitch bad.”



 Truth was born in Lake Providence, Louisiana. Truth’s mother moved to Milwaukee on the quest for a bigger and better life when he was 13yrs old. Hustling ran in Truth bloodline, his Grandfather ran a few numbers spots in Lake Providence, Louisiana in the late 60’s before he died.  His father was a heroin dealer until he started experimenting with his product, which was a violation of the dope game. Truth’s didn’t have much of a relationship with his father, he was such a disgrace to his mother she didn’t want Truth to take after him. Truth had a clean arrest record unlike the average young nigga his age that at least did bids in Wells or Lincoln Hills.

The adjustment from the laid back country lifestyle to the rambunctious city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin was hard for Truth and his family. After bumpin his head several times Truth slowly adjusted. Truth stood 6’2’, weighed 195lbs with an athletic build, dark smooth skin, kept a crispy bald fade with a razor lining, had deep black silky waves on top, and spoke with a syrupy southern drawl. He barely had any facial hair, but he did his best to keep the little he did lined up.

Truth was well respected in the streets due to the work he put in. He was off the East Side  repped it to the fullest, and would put it in niggaz face every chance he could. The North Side was littered with many block gangs like the 2-4’s,  2-7’s, Lynch Mob, Ghetto Boys, Vice Lords,  Gangster Disciples, Eastside Mafioso’s, Latin Kings, Spanish Cobra’s,  East Side Gangsters, Buffum County, plus Crips and Bloods straight out of Cali.

During the summer of 1995 there was a drought but it didn’t affect Truth, he stayed on deck with a steady supply of fish scale cocaine. He made an ample amount of money doing middle man deals with some of the local crews which helped him go from having split (4 1/2oz.) money to brick(a kilo) money. Truth was plugged with one of the biggest drug dealers on the North Side of Milwaukee, Old School Rudy.

Rudy was a true old school player that was virtually untouchable. Rudy had 30 yrs. In the dope game yet never seen the inside of a prison cell. Rudy had expensive taste, he drove the best cars threw the streets of Milwaukee, Excalibur’s, Beemer’s, Cadillac’s, and Benz’s. Rudy came up in the golden pimp era, back when Iceberg Slim had ho’s on the stroll and powder was just a leisure drug for high society. Gambling houses were the champion hustle and Rudy’s breed of hustlers kept to the G-Code unlike the new breed of hustlers.

Rudy was a fat black nigga from Houston, TX; though he hustled in Milwaukee he kept close ties to his hometown. Rudy was plugged with the Mexican Cartel, I’m talking,” I can’t feel my face!” type of dope like on the movie “Blow”. Rudy owned a funeral parlor called Destiny’s funeral home, he would have his dope shipped back in caskets from TX.

Nobody knew a’bout this process but Truth and Rudy’s best friend Detective Bryant. Truth was a loyal soldier to Rudy since he took him under his wings and showed him the game. Truth never went behind Rudy’s back and copped his dope from anybody else even when Rudy lied at times and said he was dry.

Truth would wait patiently til Rudy gave him the word and buy his usual 2 kilo’s for 22 racks a piece. One thing that bothered Truth was that no matter how many bricks he moved Rudy never dropped his prices. Truth was starting to feel like he was being used and started feeling odious towards Rudy.

Truth knew he should’ve been paying a cheaper price; something in the range of 16-18 stacks a brick, especially since he was plugged with the man who held the keys to the city. “I ain’t nobody’s bitch, this nicca gone make me take something,” Truth stated as he took a sip out his Hennessy bottle.



 The 1st of the month was one of the busiest days for street hustlaz, and check cashing stores. Welfare and SSI checks were in heavy circulation and females that had a gang of kids got the most money. That 1st of the month check was like a security blanket for a lot of people across America. The fucked up thing was the majority of the women on welfare were so dependent on it that getting a job was out of the question.

Weak ass niggaz usually popped up at their baby momma house begging for money so they could cop a dope sack and fuck it off a week later, I call them Welfare Pimps. Welfare Pimps were straight fuck up artists. After they copped a couple fits and went to the club they usually were back to square one and ready to jump on they bitch because she asked them for a couple dollaz.

All day Truth was riding dirty around the city dumping 8balls, zips (Oz’s), and splits (125grams) and hadn’t taken the time to get a bite to eat. Truth was so engulfed in getting to the money that he couldn’t believe it was getting dark outside. Truth didn’t care a’bout running the streets all day especially after he ran through a brick and a half. Truth was exhausted and hungry at the same time but didn’t have the patience to stop and pick something up from a fast food restaurant.

Truth remembered he bought a lot of junk food  with  the books of food stamps he got from dopefiends while out on the grind. Truth conscience tended to get to him because he knew somewhere a Shorty was starving. He justified accepting the food stamps by thinking, “If I didn’t take dem somebody will, better me than them.”

The next morning Truth was awaken out of his slumber by the vibration of his pager. “Damn, a nigga can’t get no sleep in dis hurr game, money always calling.” Truth looked at the number on the pager screen, it read, “414-372-5001*25000,” which meant somebody wanted a brick. Truth mood quickly changed knowing he would make 4 stacks off the deal.

“What up Bear?” “Can you do that?”  “Fo sho, let me brush my teeth and wash my face then I’ll ride down on ya Bruh,” “Cool, where you wanna met?” “QF&H in 30 min.,” “Cool.” Truth through back on the same clothes he had on the day before, brushed his teeth, washed his face,  grabbed his last brick out his stash, then headed to QF&H soul food restaurant.

When Truth pulled up to QF&H he spotted Bear sitting in his 94 Buick Lesabre so pulled behind him. Bear took his Glock 40 off safety, grabbed a Foot Locker bag filled with money then hopped in with Truth.  Truth drove off so they could make the transaction without any witnesses. “Whuz good mane?” Truth asked as he extended his hand out to Bear.

“Up early tryna catch this 1st of the month money,” “You ain’t wrong Bruh, you ain’t wrong,” Truth replied with a smile. Bear tossed the Foot Locker bag to Truth, “Here’s the dust, you got that same shit?” “Fo sho, you know I keep dat fish scale Bruh,” Truth stated as he sucked on his teeth.

Truth pulled into a vacant garage then popped his trunk. He retrieved the brick from his stash spot, hopped back inside his car then handed it to Bear in two Ziploc bags each weighing 501 grams a piece. Bear opened one of the Ziploc bags and dipped his pinky finger into the powder. Bear rubbed his fingers together to see if his fingers would be chalky or oily, he was satisfied that it was oily, if it would’ve been chalky he would’ve known the dope was hit with some inositol.

Next Bear licked the tip of his fingers, his tongue instantly became numb. “This dat butter Truth! Hurry up and drop me back off to my car nigga! I gotta drop this shit in the water and put this shit in my trap house a.s.a.p.!”  Bear stated impatiently, “Damn nigga simmer down,” Truth stated calmy, “I will once I off this shit and hit you back for another one.”

Truth dropped Bear back off to his car then stashed the 25 stacks in the trunk of his 95 Chevy Impala SS. His stomach started to growl as the aroma of home cooked food lingered out of QF&H soul food restaurant. “Fuck it, let me run up in hurr and grab a sumthin to eat,” Truth whispered to himself as he pulled his Impala behind a Buick Roadmaster.” QF&H was packed with its usual crowd, mostly older people that been dining there faithfully from day one.

“Hey Truth, you dining here or you want an order to go?” asked the waitress. “Nah, let me get the steak and eggs, some cheese grits, wheat toast, a large grape juice, and make my steak well done , and my  eggs scrambled hard,” “Gotcha, you talked to my cousin today?” Raquel stated as she quickly wrote down Truth’s order. “I was with her yesterday fo a second but you know how business be on the 1st,” “Oh believe me I know, I sure ain’t seen yo boy Boss.”

Truth smiled as Raquel stood in front of him with her hand on her wide hips looking real sassy. “You know dat nigga chasin paper gurl, I ain’t even heard from him myself,” Truth was lying through his teeth and Raquel wasn’t buying his drag. “Well let me go hook yo plate up before my boss get on my ass,” “Hook that shit up too gurl, and throw sum cheese on dem eggs.”

Truth made small talk with a few old heads seated at the counter. Once the Milwaukee Bucks was mentioned  a big debate begun.“They need to fire they coach!” Said ol skool Freddie. “Itz not the coach itz the players! Yelled the owner of QF&H, “Look hurr old skoolz, while Michael Jordan is in the league the Bucks won’t ever get a ring! So they can fire the coach, go get whoever they want, they still won’t be shit!” “Michael is a bad muhfucka but he ain’t better than Dr.J!” “Skool stop playin! Jordan was so ahead of the game he retired and started playing baseball! Who you know can do dat?”  “ He sucked at baseball though youngin!”  “ So! He still did it though!

Truth pager started vibrating; a smile graced his face after he saw that it was a half a brick sale.  “Damn! I ain’t got shit left and I need dat money,” he thought. “Here’s your food baby, if something ain’t right let me know now,” “I don’t need to check my order I know you plugged my shit.”

Truth went to work on his breakfast like a hungry hyena, all you heard was his lips smacking. Boss was riding down MLK when he spotted Truth’s Impala parked outside of QF&H. He paged Truth for a half a brick but Truth never called back, Boss was about to find out why.  Boss parked his 76 Deuce & a Quarter and went inside to holla at Truth. Raquel was pleased to see Boss, but didn’t know he wasn’t there to see her, his mind was on re-upping.

“Hey daddy, you know I miss you,” Raquel stated as the two embraced and kissed. “You need something to eat?” Raquel asked, “Nah, I need to holla at Truth ‘bout some business, excuse me for a second Boo,”  “Oh, okay babe, let me get back to work anyway, make sure you stop by later. Boss smacked Raquel on her soft butt cheeks then walked towards Truth’s table. Truth was so into his food he didn’t realize Boss was standing in front of him. “Damn East slow down and swallow,” Boss stated as he grabbed a piece of toast off Truth plate.

Truth looked up with a mouth full of food, “Oh, what up East? My fault for not calling back, I got sum bad news, I ain’t holding right now,” “Damn, my pager boomin East when you gone get right?” Boss stated as he shook his head. “After I finish my plate I’m gone go see my manz,” Truth stated as he wiped his face with a napkin, “Okay, put me a half a thang to the side then,” “I got you Bruh,” “Good, good, well let me go holla at my bitch then.”

Truth gave Boss some love before he walked away.Truth’s pager went off again and it was for a nine piece. “Damn it’s boomin today and it ain’t even 11 A.M yet,” Truth stated. Truth placed a $20 bill on the table leaving the waitress Raquel a $10 tip then exited the restaurant. “You sure can tell itz tha 1st; even the wino’s got a bottle and pep in dey step.” Truth flipped opens his burn out Motorola phone he got from his lil brother Future and called Rudy to let him know he was on his way to his garage.

“Whuzz zatnin tymer?” “Not much youngin, just made it up to the shop, niggaz already  here waiting on me to pay they pager bills,” “Well I need to chop it up with you, the bakery running low on supplies,” “Ride down on me you know where I’m at.”

Truth ran through 10 bricks in the last 2 weeks doing middle man deals, plus dumped the 2 bricks he copped. Rudy noticed that he was moving too fast and felt he needed to cool Truth off before he got too hot and ruined his smooth operation. Old skool Slim was Rudy’s best customer, he always copped his usual order of 10 bricks whenever he called Rudy. Ol skool Slim moved under the radar and Rudy respected Slim more because of that.

Bzzzz, Bzzz, Bzzz, was the sound of Rudy’s pager as it vibrated on his hip. Rudy looked at his pager, picked up his store phone and dialed the number back. “Hey Slim how’s it going?” “Itz fine as wine my way, you know when I call what time it is,” “Most definitely, well come see me then.” Slim hung up with Rudy and grabbed the two duffle bags sitting on the kitchen table.

“Shay baby I gotta go to the back and start working on these cars, can you handle all these customers?” “I got it Rudy, if they start getting disrespectful I’ll call you on the intercom,” “Aight Shay handle yo business.”

The pager / auto shop is where Rudy made his big drug transaction, only a select few had the privilege of dealing with Rudy directly.  Truth pulled up on 17th n Burleigh and parked on the side street. When Truth stepped out his car he got bitch slapped by the scorching heat, “Damn itz hotter than a muhfucka out chea.” Truth pulled his t-shirt off revealing his chiseled physique. Some females in a Pontiac Gran Am honked their horns at Truth but he paid them no mind.

When Truth entered the garage Slim was already in the back with Rudy discussing business. “Hey old muhfuckaz!” Truth stated arrogantly, “You can chill with that old shit youngin just pray you make it to 25,” Rudy shot back as he flicked his nose. “Yeah Truth respect yo elders, we the ones that paved the way fo yall young niggaz,” Slim stated as he picked his teeth with a soggy toothpick. Truth didn’t like how Rudy let Slim front on him but he accepted it out of respect for his ghetto hero’s.

“Say Truth grab yo self a soda and make yo self comfy while I holla at Slim fo a minute,” Rudy stated as he grinned at Slim. Truth took a seat on a dusty couch as he sipped on a Dr. Pepper. His pager continued to go off, Truth stared at his pager then exhaled. “A nigga missing all kind of money, I wish this old muh fucka would hurry up,” Truth stated irritably.

Truth gazed at the assortment of classic cars Rudy had stored in the shop and thinking, “That 70 Chevelle is nasty.” Truth looked at his watch and realized 20 minutes had passed. Truth mouth was dry so he purchased another Dr. Pepper. He cracked the can open quickly and drank half the can in one swig. Truth checked his watch again, “This nigga got me waiting hurr like I’m a hoe ass nigga!” Truth stated as he popped the hood on the Chevelle.

Finally Rudy and Slim came back laughing and carrying on, all Truth could do is shake his head. “Look at these old muhfuckas laughing and shit like shit a game, I can’t wait til…nothing, fuck it.” Slim had a duffle bag dangling from his shoulder so Truth knew he was holding a nice amount of dope, now it was his turn to get his.

“I’ll holla at cha later Rudy, and thanks for hooking yo main man up,” Slim stated as he glared at Truth with a sinister grin. “The fuck this nicca showing his teeth off to me fo? Ol fuck nicca,” Truth stated as he returned the look. “You know I gotta take care of my folks,” Rudy stated as he escorted Slim to his car. Rudy made sure Slim made it to his car safely, he kept a 357 tucked in the small of his back.

Rudy returned to the garage with a smile on his face. He grabbed a socket set then started working on his favorite classic car, a 63 Chevy Impala. “Hand me a 5/8 socket youngin,” Truth searched the tool cabinet until he found the correct socket. “Here you go,” “Do me another favor, tell Shay to go make a bank deposit and run to Speed Queen and get me a shoulder dinner.”

Truth stared at Rudy thinking, “This nigga gotta be geeked, I’m suppose to be coppin some bricks and he got me relaying messages, he must think I’m his flunky.”

As Truth walked to the front of Rudy’s shop to relay the message his blood began to boil. He had it in his mind that he was gone give Rudy a piece of his mind when he came back. Shay was busy processing customers pager bills, since it was the beginning of the month the shop was packed. “S’cuse me Shay Rudy told me to tell you to make a bank drop and run to Speed Queen and get him a shoulder dinner,” Shay swung her head to the side and rolled her eyes at Truth. “Why he ain’t tell me to do that himself?” Shay stated sarcastically.

“Shit, I don’t know,” “Well tell him once I take care of these customers I’ll do it, flunky,” ”S’cuse!” “I ain’t say nothing,” “Bitch I heard you I ain’t nobody flunky! I’m my own man!” “Why you all in yo chest Truth? I was just fucking with you,” Shay stated, “Bitch don’t ever play with me like that,” Truth stated as he walked off pissed.

On his way back to the garage area Truth wondered what type of game Rudy was playing, Rudy never made him hang around the shop like this. Truth grabbed a milk crate and sat it next to Rudy, “Say Rudy can I get straightened now so I can get out chea and catch this money?” Rudy continued working on his car as if Truth wasn’t standing in his presence. “That’s why you here nigga? I thought you came down to hang out,” Truth bit his lower lip trying to conceal his anger. Truth couldn’t believe the nerve of Rudy.

“Rudy I gave you the code talk and you told me to come on through,” “Ohhh, you sho right, you not gone like this,” “What?” “I’m all out now, Slim got the last of the bricks,” “What! You mean to tell me I sat around hurr all this time fo nuthin!”  “ My fault youngin, I got you though when the new shipment gets here,” Rudy stated calmly.“Aight Bruh, hit me on my hip when you back on deck,” “You know I gotcha,” Rudy stated as he gave Truth some dap with a smile.

Truth left the shop fuming. He hopped in his Impala and smashed on the gas smoking up the block as his 15inch Strokers shook the pavement. “I had to do that to Truth, that lil nigga getting too big for his britches,” Rudy thought to himself.


Truth rushed straight to Jazzie’s apt and told her everything that took place. Truth paced back and forth a frantically calling Rudy every name he could think of. “Baby please calm down,” “Fuck dat!! This old fucka playin pussy games wit a nigga! I’m sick of dis shit!”  “ Well it gotta be a reason he playin you like that, yo owe Rudy any money?”  “Hell nah! I always pay his bitch ass on time! It just seem like he don’t want me to come up or something,” “I hate to say it but he ain’t yo friend Truth. I mean what type of friend would try to hold another friend down, that’s like the crabs in the bucket syndrome.”

Jazzie words sunk in Truth mind, he decided it was time to take a look at Rudy. “Jazzie  you remember when I asked you would you do anything fo me?” Truth asked sincerely. Jazzie had a look confusion on her face, “Yeah, what this a’bout baby?” Truth exhaled deeply before replying. “I’m thinking ‘bout robbing Rudy.” Jazzie studied Truth face, she could feel the coldness in his heart. Jazzie knew Truth really meant what he just said, if he was ever to follow threw on the thought she had her man back.

“I’m down fo the cause Truth but you gotta promise me I won’t get hurt in the process,” “I won’t let nothing happen to my bitch, believe dat, so you with it?” “I’m with you baby, you should know now dat I love you dirty drawers,” “I do Boo, I sho do,” “So you think we can pull this off baby?” “Just leave errthang up to me, if I can’t make nothing I’m taking sumthin, I put that on errthang.”

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